We are forever changed by grief, there is no returning to what once was. There is no return to the prior self, there is only embracing what has come out the other side. The bereaved get to make their own meaning of this journey through grief.

Whatever the meaning making map the woman creates in the wilderness - my job is to walk alongside her and remind her of her resilience.

When you need me, I am here to walk alongside you.



The loss of a baby at any age or stage is a tragedy, but you must know you are not alone.  I am to here help parents through the tragic loss of a pregnancy or infant, or a pregnancy after a prior loss.

I will provide emotional and informational support, as well as guidance in regards to creating a birth preference plan, assisting with memory making and providing postpartum resources.  I can be here to help you put together the overwhelming pieces during a time of grief and sorrow, help ask questions for you, help you to advocate for you and your baby, I can be present for your birth and support you and your family and I can suggest ways to bond with and create memories with your baby.

Services are offered on a donation basis or sliding scale.  Please do not let finances prevent you from calling during this time of need.

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