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Postpartum Journey

Updated: Feb 16

For me it all started with Birth Doula support. See that smiling face? That’s me after an incredible honour supporting families as they brought their babies earthside.

It was after my own experience with the Birth of my first child that I knew I wanted to walk alongside families as they crossed this incredible threshold. What I noticed though, was that I wasn’t just there for the Birth, I was there to process the feelings of that birth and all of the emotions that surfaced in the in-between and the days, weeks and months that followed. I was spending more and more time in the postpartum period with my families and it was the birth of my second quickly followed by my third, that propelled me in to Postpartum support. We all get lost in a sea of feedings, lack of sleep, lack of support, too little information or way too much information. We are recording all of the little details and keeping a tiny human alive! But what of ourselves? Where is the support of the new parents? They say you are becoming a new parent as your baby grows; when you’re baby is 1 week, you are a one week old parent, two weeks - two week old parent! We grow and we learn as does our baby, but sometimes the overwhelm can get the better of us. It’s a lot to start growing again, it’s a lot to take in new information as a fully grown person caring for a growing person and feel like you’re doing the right thing. We need non-judgmental informational support. We need emotional support. We are doing an incredibly thankless job at times, but the thanks comes in the smiles and the miles and all of that love and gratitude, but the growth comes in the learning. What I have noticed - and something I tried to do myself - is that we can't do this alone. I found out the hard way, that we need our village, we need our community and in those early days/weeks/months, we need a compassionate Doula to walk alongside us, remind us of the nurturing care we also need as we grow. We need to receive in order to heal. We need it when we bring our babies home, or when we can’t and we need it when we try again. Parenting is one of the most challenging and heart opening experiences of our lives and your Doula will help you navigate this with nurturing care.

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